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Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a specialized repair method for dents on a vehicle’s body panels. A trained PDR technician uses specialized tools to restore body panel to its original form. The technician first gains access to the back side of a dented panel. Then, through the combination of LED lighting and our technicians’ precision, the dented area is gently massaged back into its original shape.


What kind of vehicle damage can PDR repair?

PDR is most commonly used to repair hail damaged vehicles (i.e. automobiles with dents over several panels such as the hood, roof, decklid, doors, etc.) but paintless dent repair can be used to repair all sorts of different dents and dings. The most important factors when assessing a dents reparability through PDR are depth and location. The size of a dent is less significant (dents ranging in size from a dime to plate can be repaired). It is the depth and location of a dent regardless of size that impacts the best repair method. Deep dents on the edge of a body panel may have caused your paint to crack thus requiring either conventional repair or replacement & painting of your vehicle. Other dents are located on panels where access to the dent to perform PDR is restricted. In this instance, a PDR technician may ‘pull’ the metal using nonabrasive equipment to restore the dented area to original form.


Why use paintless dent repair instead of body work?

Paintless dent repair saves cost, time, and the factory equipment of your vehicle. Body work is more expensive and requires the replacement, repainting, and refinishing of your vehicle panels. PDR is an efficient and environmentally friendly method of repair requiring primarily labor and minor replacement of body parts. Additionally, PDR is faster than conventional repairs meaning we can deliver your vehicle looking new again in less time.

Because of the cost saving method, we can offer discounts for the cost of your repairs as well as deductible assistance and rental car assistance during repairs.

How long do repairs usually take?

A typical hail damaged vehicle takes from 3-10 days.

How do I begin the process?

The process is as simple as calling your insurance company's claims phone number and reporting the damage. Then feel free to give our team a call at (214) 550-9808 and we will get you setup for repairs!

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